So for this edition, inTRANSIT is getting #STRANGE. We'll be doing a theme party this time around based on the phenomenal show, "Stranger Things". And as autumn is in the air, it's good timing. Come dressed as your favorite character, a blend of them all, or your favorite 80s icon from any movie or TV show of your choice. Be creative! Expect some music that has 80s and synth flavor to it, some special decorations, and our trademark house sounds. And we'll be celebrating the release of Eric's new EP "Out Of Sight" on that Friday as well on 3Bridge Records. The name is as fitting as the theme.

Soundtracked by

Eric "Stranger" Shans
Eric Shans - Music

Deep "Weird" Woods
Deep Woods

Ayesha "Anomaly" Adamo
Ayesha Adamo

Dan "Demon" Alcala
Daniel Alcala