ILL Behavior 1 Year Anniversary x Burning Man RE-compression party from Brooklyn's Renegade Masters

MAP (Admit One Records, Canada)

Dirty Looks (Elements Festival)

Renegade Masters (Late Night Munchies, Admit One Records)

🔥 Dress to Self-Express 🔥

FREE entry till 11 ---> $20 after // 9pm-4am // 395 Wythe Ave.

Produced by Shovel Gang #shovelgang

Artistic Director: Kaphea

‼️Everyone is welcome at Ill Behavior. What does this mean?
We do not discriminate with regard to race, ability, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

Consent isn't just cool, it's mandatory. There's nothing sexier than great communication!
If you want to physically interact with another guest, ask first. Anything aside from an affirmative and enthusiastic "yes," is a no. If someone violates your consent, immediately report them to a security guard or staff member.

By attending this event, you understand the above rules and that any violation will result in your removal from the club, and being banned from future Ill Behavior events and associated events.‼️