We're super excited to be back at TBA for our summer birthday edition where we ring in the official start of season as well as celebrating 3Bridge Records captain Eric Shans's birthday as well as Greg Cuoco's that will be coming up! :). Joining us will be longtime friend and head of the record label Dance Artifakts and Playdate New York, Terron Darby, as well the talented producer Shakib Jakir making his TBA debut. 3Bridge Records head honchos Eric Shans and Deep Woods round out the bill. Come join us for what will be be a memorable night.

Line up:

Deep Woods (3Bridge Records)

Terron Darby (Dance Artifakts)

Eric Shans - Music- Birthday Set! (3Bridge Records Colour and Pitch, Candy Flip)

Shakib Jakir (3Bridge Records, Absurd State)

Free before 11, 15$ after with a free drink until midnight.