To kick off memorial day weekend we will be transforming TBA into a musical and visual wonderland. Incredible visual performance accompanied by stellar artists, all with their own unique style, together we will create an unforgettable Atmosfera.

ATMOSFERA is a new party series that, through the power and influence of music, will focus on building memorable vibes with friends and fellow underground music enthusiasts. The line-up's for this party series will focus on bringing under-rated international talent of all genres, while also supplying a solid bill of local up and coming artists from our emerging techno scene.

P.Leone (e-Missions, ReKids)
Adam Braiman (Reson8, Mind /\ Matter) B2B Hardtusei (ReSolute Label)
Rupert Wall (Rvdiovctive, Key + Needle)
Woke Bloke (Conscious Ravings)
Mmike Berardi (B.D.S.M. Studios, Anti-social)