TBA Night

Radiant Aura Faculty
Tab Jones



Rare Aura Faculty is a Toronto based DJ and producer. His expression is genre fluid both in the booth and the studio, having released records on Cosmic-Resonance and Heart to Heart Records. His contributions to Toronto's music scene are multifaceted and inspiring. Just last year he toured Europe and released a monthly zine entitled 'Tempo' documenting the electronic and dance music scene of Toronto. Constantly gigging around his city, Rare Aura Faculty has played with DJ Seinfeld, Hunee and Korea Town Acid. After just completing a residency at RBMA in Calgary, Rare Aura Faculty is looking forward to tearing it up at TBA Brooklyn.

Tab Jones is a NYC based DJ and producer. After working at both 285 Kent and DFA Records, Tab quickly began DJ'ing around Brooklyn. Not content with just spinning records, he honed his producer skills engineering for Holy Ghost! and the Hundred in the Hands, eventually producing the cult Brooklyn punk band Spewing Cum. As of late, Tab has DJ'd throughout Canada, established a residency at the Soho Grand Hotel and perfected his skills to make him a DJ not to be missed.

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