Fake Society Night

Cem Ozden & Camelia (Extended Set)

Cem Ozden
Born in Boston, raised in Istanbul, Cem's interest in music first developed when he was a boy and the dj setup his dad bought him as a present when he was 13 started pretty much everything. After organizing many parties in cities mainly like Istanbul and Boston, he ended up moving to Milan and kicked off his new label/agency; Fake Society. He likes to harmonize groovy, deep-driven, futuristic minimal music with his own personal classics that shaped his musical identity throughout life. He also runs his monthly party, Sound Bakery in Dude Club, Milan since 2 years. The party concentrates on featuring the milestone artists of the Romanian underground music scene in Milan. Despite his young age he has managed to play in cities like London, Paris, Moscow, Bucharest, New York, Miami, etc. to name a few. Resulting in him sharing the booth with names like Cezar, Cristi Cons, Priku, Arapu, Barac, Cap, Sublee, Lizz etc.

In just a few short years, Miami's Camelia has carved out his own unique reputation with a liquid, deep sound that exudes a warmth & depth of character unlike any other. His EP's on labels like RORA and JOULE reveals the beautiful diversity of sound that lives within his artistic expression. He's gained early support from artists in the likes of Priku, Arapu, Sepp, Nu Zau, Romar, East End Dubs & Janeret to name a few. Along with regular sets at local institutions Treehouse & The Electric Pickle for Unmute, Camelia continues to grace underground hotspots in Bucharest, London, Milan & New York, playing alongside artists like Ion Ludwig, Suciu, Herodot, Priku, Arapu, & DoubtingThomas among others.

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