Monthly party series from Brooklyn's Renegade Masters

The Golden Pony (Elements)

Renegade Masters (Playa Vibes, SOUP NYC)

Bumpy Nuggets (Kolour Rec, Quality Control)

Panooc (Good Company Records, XOXA)

🔥 Dress to Self-Express 🔥

FREE entry till 11, $15 after // 9pm-4am // 395 Wythe Ave.

Co-produced by Mariel Pauline, Kris, & The Jerks

Visuals :: The Sperm Whale NYC

All are welcome to get down with the Ill Behavior. Consent is mandatory. Anything other than "Hell Yes" means "No". Hugs, photos, high-fives, or more - if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, let us know.