Max Sprauer is young, talented and FUNKY. An impressive local talent, fresh to the Brooklyn scene and already playing at every major club New York dance music has to offer, Max is well versed in what makes people move and groove. Always fresh in style, this is a must see artist in 2019!

If you’ve been with us from the beginning you know we dedicate this event series to life & music. So let’s cherish the good moments with the people and music we love.

Brought to you be resident DJs & musical curators - Diego Knows (NYC), Sergio Santos (LA/NYC) & Jeremy Ismael (MIA).


Max Sprauer has steadily been rising through the ranks in New York, making a name for himself as part of the RVDIOVCTIVE crew. Max has been turning the heads of respectable figures in the club scene playinge a diverse blend of music from old house records to new techno tracks. Recent performance have seen him shaking the dance floors at clubs like Output, Analog BKNY, Elsewhere, Cielo, Schimanski, & Good Room. You will be seeing this name in the many years to come.

Sergio Santos Music (Get Physical, Endless Flight)
Born in the USA, raised in Portugal, Sergio Santos has spent half his life between the cities of Oporto, Boston, Los Angeles & now, his current base, New York City. Sergio Santos is a name in electronic music that has become synonymous with deep techno, dark disco, unique sounds and other world selections. Taking influence from both the United States and Portugal’s dance music scenes, Sergio has a sound unique to his life experiences and surrounding environments.

Jeremy Ismael (Faceless, Get Physical)
Jeremy’s Afro, mischievous smile and beautiful energy while playing are something that no one ever forgets. He can transport you to places that only exist in an imaginary world and can change your worst day into the best. He never stops dancing and won’t let you stop either.

Diego Knows (Cut-Line)
Founder of Cut-Line event series, Diego Knows has a love for people and a love for music that he’s fused into a lifestyle. His nightlife sound reflects all the various places and people he has encountered while learning on his travels.