Join us every 3rd Tuesday of the month at TBA Brooklyn for ‘FUNKY PEOPLE’ with resident DJs & musical curators - Diego Knows (NYC), Sergio Santos (LA/NYC) & Jeremy Ismael (MIA). An event series curated by your residents, featuring monthly special guests—friends and family of the people behind the party.

St. Xose (ID, Good Company Records)
Both DJ and producer; St. Xose has been submerged in the electronic music universe since 2005. From indie music to dub tech, crossing to a deeper house with a tasty flavor of what he considers some abstract art, his music is often found uncategorized under any style. He believes that music cannot be categorized into one single genre, because music is a personal journey for the senses.

Steven Letigre (Liger House)
Liger House- a style of house music defined by a collection of unbound sounds that converge and capitulate to create a distinct groove unspecified by genre, and one that is associated with Letigre.

Jeremy Ismael (Faceless, Get Physical)
Jeremy’s Afro, mischievous smile and beautiful energy while playing are something that no one ever forgets. He can transport you to places that only exist in an imaginary world and can change your worst day into the best. He never stops dancing and won’t let you stop either.

Diego Knows (Cut-Line)
Founder of Cut-Line event series & TBA monthly FUNKY PEOPLE, Diego Knows has a love for people and a love for music that he’s fused into a lifestyle. His nightlife sound reflects all the various places and people he has encountered while learning on his travels