Coming up for our Monthly RA+RE Thursday on August 16th, we have a special guest coming from Salt Lake City, Choíce! Local artist and Nomadresident Maria Tôn will join us again for this edition. You won't want to miss this duo playing for us from 10:00pm to 4:00am! 

We hope to see you Dance Machines there!!


Maria Tôn

About the Label
RA+RE Records describes perfectly what it represents: rare, underground, unique and meaningful music. RA+RE Records is an exclusively female producers record label. It aims to gather talented feminine artist that will spread their sound and sensibility all over the world.

About the Clothing
RA+RE at the same time is a clothing label founded with a vision to bridge the gap between sound and apparel, making a collection you want to move to for all those dancers and music lovers.