One Night in Brooklyn

Special Guest:
Pier Bucci (Crosstown Rebels, Cadenza Music)

Crazy Larry (Time to Get iLL)

Robbie Lumpkin

Pier Bucci (Berlin/Chile) Bio
Pier Bucci is on a quest to create his own vision of complex atmospheric rhythms. Emerging in the mid 00’s alongside a excitingly talented collection of Chilean electronic acts, Pier began his music career with the pivotal Crosstown Rebels label. This would prove to be a prosperous partnership as Pier delivered an outstanding run of releases between 2004 and 2007 along with the highly acclaimed ‘Famila’ album – one of the highlights of 2005. This success, along with an early release on Cadenza, established him as a unique talent, and developed his personal sound. His take on techno uses classic Latin rhythms and vocals, a love of abstract electronics, and Sheffield bleeps, which is combined with his haunting Andean melodies. Colourful characters zip through Pier’s music, making a distinctive collage of influences, of course always underpinned by solid dancefloor beats.