"Summer officially starts this week so on June 23rd we're kicking it off with a celebratory happy hour day party stacked with DJs from around the globe, a live painting exhibit from our favorite Brooklyn artist, and fresh delicious cold brew from our friends at Superlost coffee.

Your DJs:

Born and raised in Australia/Singapore, AKKI's influences range from underground house labels to soulful Latin/Caribbean inspired rhythms, bringing a fresh but funky multi-cultural flavor to her DJ sets. AKKI has played at a range of regional festivals and Brooklyn/Manhattan venues and is now providing support to some of the biggest names in dance music.

Law started his musical journey in Australia sourcing hard to find vinyl records from London stores to fuel his hunger for underground dance music. He soon broke into the Australian underground house & techno scene with weekly residencies at clubs such as Ambar & Geisha nightclub. His passion for deep/tech house knows no bounds and is on full display during his weekly TBA Brooklyn residency along with his monthly Soundcloud podcasts which fuel his passion for new music and his upcoming deep house EP.

Ché Johnson
Hailing from Harlem, the prodigal son of DJ Nature, Ché brings his unique style of house mixed with 90s hip-hop and disco vibes. 

Cousin Terry
Cousin Terry is a party-leading DJ/Producer straight out of Brooklyn. With an ear for the right sound at the right moment, Cousin Terry has a knack for exploring musical genres, sampling everything from techno and afro, from soul to tribal, and from disco to house to ambient minimal. His genre-bending performances and parties absorb listeners with a rowdy-yet-jovial aura and soul-warming tunes designed to get the body moving. Cousin Terry's biweekly Soundcloud podcast 'Kicking In Radio' serves as a constant source of reliable techno, house, or disco, guaranteed to take you on a journey of adventure and surprises. 

Your Artist:
Nado Hurst
Nado, a resident of Brooklyn, New York, has been creating oil-based paintings that straddle reality and dream-state. This provides a window to her conscious and subconscious world; allowing her audience an opportunity to relate on a personal level. Her work Interweaves themes of identity, memory and time and is driven by the everyday hustle we all encounter in a modern internet-driven society. Nado has been commissioned by a variety of clients. Her work has been showcased at an array of galleries, festivals and events.