Join us the 3rd Thursday of every month and become a Dance Machine! We will have local artists playing as well as special guests and each event will bring you great music, fun times and some special RA+RE things, so be ready and don’t miss these ! 

For our second edition on May 17th we have two special guests coming all the way from Egypt and Paraguay, plus one of our NYC residents: 

Zeina (Unfamiliar)
Koko (Dollhouse dh)
Mari.te (RA+RE)

During the night we will gift a Record to the biggest Dance Machine. We will also have our Sven and Richie sweaters available for purchase and more surprises to come. 

Vodka Open Bar 10-11

About the Label
RA+RE Records describes perfectly what it represents: rare, underground, unique and meaningful music. RA+RE Records is an exclusively female producers record label. It aims to gather talented feminine artist that will spread their sound and sensibility all over the world.

About the Clothing
RA+RE at the same time is a clothing label founded with a vision to bridge the gap between sound and apparel, making a collection you want to move to for all those dancers and music lovers.