Four years ago, the seeds of an unlikely collective germinated in Brooklyn's fertile soil. Over the course of 100 happy hour sessions, night whispers, fundraisers and afterhours, their experimentation and cross-pollination nurtured the members of Secret Guests, each elevating the others with sound as their sunbeams. Some were gained, others were lost, but the unifying thrust remained, reaching out from Brooklyn to the sky.

From TBA Brooklyn to Beef Cuts to The Graham to Bossa Nova Civic Clubto Output to Good Room to Berlin, Guatemala, Paris, and Ibiza, we've all grown immense together. Join us to commemorate all the years we've spent, in the spiritual home that started it all.

Sonic guides:
A.AriasDJ Cry BabyWendy Escobar.
Mikhail PruidzeDarelectric.
Philip Jon6feetMyroslaw Bytz.

KimoWino Happy Hour 6-9pm
Free before 11 / $15 after