Vinyl by:
- Camille BWR [Beef Wellington Rcds]
- Alex from Queens [Capriccio]
- Malik Hendricks [Money Cat Rcds]
- Sweat Molasses

Art Exhibition by Marine Gabrielle BF & Karla Sutra

"Before There Is No More.” is an artistic attempt to pay tribute to Planet Earth. It is also the beginning of a creative collaboration between Karla Sutra, a street artist and ceramist, and Marine G. Brun-Franzetti, a filmmaker. Both artists’s ambition is to show the duality of Nature, at the same time fertile and fragile. Karla Sutra focuses on sensuality, the world’s mother and a symbol of renewal. She creates handmade key ceramics plates with Kamasutra drawings. By opposition, Brun-Franzetti’s drawings explore the end of the Humanity. From her book “Recipes of Culinary Tragedies,” she interprets environmental issues on plates, using food as a medium. Between chaos and renewal, the plate becomes their canvas. The exhibition questions our endangered environment and invites the viewers to consider its finitude or its cycle. The cycle is omnipresent: everything comes from the earth and returns to it. The common video-installation stresses the purpose of this show: should we choose to live or start digging our grave? The heap of earth standing on the floor knows the answer.

FREE until 11pm
HAPPY Hour 6-9pm