A talk about friendship, mental health, and art 

How do you know if you or a friend is in a dangerous place? What can you do to help? How do we embrace our own sadness in healthy ways? In what ways can this community serve as a resource? 

Sometimes we’re faced with difficult decisions yet we don’t know where to turn or what to do. Let’s change that.

Join us on Saturday, October 20th at 58 south 6th st., Brooklyn as we Break The Silence to talk about mental health and the music we love. 

Art session led by Jackie Chandani - art therapist. 

Short documentary screening: "You will miss sunrise if you close your eyes" by artist Olivia Fernandez 

Followed by a panel discussion 
Katherine "K.K." Derbyshire
Deepak Penesetti MD
Raeshem Nijhon
Anna Yusim, MD 
Adam Reubenstein, Santo Daime Fardado 
James Biasucci, CASAC, sobriety and wellness coach

Music by Carlos Chiesa and Gil K.