Cultivated Sound presents: 
Grant Aaron / ISO [Mysteries of the Deep]
M Parent [BlankstairsChem Club]
Maŕa [Cultivated Sound]
Brooks [Cultivated Sound]
Mauricio Antuñano [Cultivated Sound]


Grant Aaron (ISO) curates Mysteries of the Deep, a stellar podcast that further exists as a record label and events series. The podcast is approaching an impressive 100 episodes with notable past guests such as Gunnar Haslem, Antenes, Clay Wilson, John Selway, Neel, and Alessandro Cortini.

A dive into the podcast's extensive archive of experimental mixes is mandatory if you love sound. Its influences might include classical, industrial, gamelan, or engine vibrations - all of it going well beyond the atonal-modular-synth sounds some might jump to when they think "experimental." The mostly ambient soundscapes are a warm invitation to curious ears, simultaneously relaxing and intense. Each mix is assigned a "chapter" in the podcast's sequence, evoking a sense of dramatic narrative. Mysteries of the Deep is like a cinematic project, conjuring melancholic images of unexplored ocean territories or the echoes of ancient civilizations with strange technologies. The result is a very sophisticated darkness.

All of this is evidence of Grant's extensive musical reach beyond what is considered standard in techno. Last year he provided a mix for Dommune, an essential cultural beacon in Japan's underground music scene. This year, he was at Detroit's No Way Back party for their tenth-year anniversary bash. Grant is also part of the experimental-electronic trio Birds Of Prey. The group describes itself as "brought together by a shared fascination with the sublime potential of electricity to generate something unknown," a fitting description for what might be found spilling onto the dancefloor for our first gathering in 2018.


M Parent is a Brooklyn-based DJ and live hardware performer constantly experimenting with elements of acid, breakbeat, and emotion. His background as an animator informs and furthers how he expresses himself musically. With a story-driven approach to producing, he creates dancefloor-focused listening experiences that encourage attention to narrative arcs and plot twists. By exclusively using hardware, M Parent aims to showcase emotive pieces that exist somewhere between continuously evolving songs and fully functional tracks.

2017 proved to be a special year for M Parent, sharing lineups this summer with big names (Lena Willikens at an instance of Pittsburgh's undeniably special Hot Mass party and DJ Bone at Good Room) while being a consistent element of the Modal Form parties at Jupiter Disco.

Join us at TBA, our launchpad once again as we step into a new void. This time we depart from our earthly existence seeking a groove in a darkness beyond the stratosphere before returning to the glow of the new year.

See you on the dance floor.

TBA Brooklyn
Artwork by Brooks Bowen