A September to remember! 

Now after summer is almost gone and everyone is settling back from all the dusty adventures it is time for a new party season and we at nomad have been working hard to introduce you some of the best acts in the so called 'underground scene'. We are excited to provide a platform for many young local artist and will fully support them. In the month of September we are starting strong with 3 events, 2 of which are conducted in our original home in DC and 1 in our favorite playground, Brooklyn's TBA. 

We are starting this Saturday, September 9 with some nomad residents and old friends in an unique intimate venue in DC with a boutiquepowerful sound system. This will be a one time only show at this venue... Just saying. 

Afterwards we are going back to NY for our monthly show at TBA Brooklyn on Friday, September 22 with a very exciting line up headlined by one of the well kept secrets of the Romanian minimal sound - Faster. 

And finally we are back in DC for our latest installment on Saturday, September 23 for the return of our old friend and one of the main figures in the Russian Underground scene - Andrey Pushkarev. A vivid record collector Andrey has been recognized globally as one of the special artist that has been touring worldwide for over two decades. This event will be held at a never used intimate warehouse space in NE, DC. 

At last we are very excited to see all our friends on these dance floors and stay tuned for more... 

Always RSVP so we can send you our secret locations.

love wins...

Faster (Ruere Records, Sunrise / RO)
Daria Zet (Gem Fest/ GA)
Jansen Scott (A1 records / Move)