June Edition

Special Guest: Taimur Agha (Blkmarket Membership)
& Resident Simon Heyliger

Simon has been going to Blkmarket parties for some time and enjoyed Taimur's energy. He's always admired the work Taimur put into his party and music. He's been waiting for some time to jam and June 2nd Simon welcomes Taimur Agha to GROOVE.!!

As co-founder, resident DJ, and one of the creative minds of Blk|Market Membership since its founding in 2006, Taimur Agha has been instrumental in rebuilding New York’s resurgent dance community after its retreat to the underground post-9/11. When Bill Patrick, Nick Ac, and Dennis Rodgers ended ROBOTS, they handed the torch to Taimur and partner Fahad Haider to become the leading lights the next nightlife era in New York. Blk|market Membership’s guests are a who’s who of the scene’s most important names; Taimur’s personal DJ resume includes multiple appearances at world renown clubs, festivals and parties: fabric, Panorama Bar, Montreal’s STEREO, Trouw, Club der Visionaere, Space Terrace Miami, SmartBar, Moscow’s Arma17 & Gipsy, Romania’s Sunwaves, Francois K’s Deep Space, Detroit’s infamous Need I Say More, Ibiza’s Zoo Project and tINI & the Gang parties, Apollonia’s BPM party, B018 in Beirut, Dubai’s Analog Room and many more, alongside many of the world’s most important DJs. As head of buying and distribution at Halcyon Records from 2008 until mid-2014, Taimur’s work helped lead the resurgence of the local scene. His community-oriented radio show The Bandwagon ran 116 episodes and brought together labels and promoters from around the city, with showcases for The Bunker, ReSolute, L.I.E.S., Deconstruct Music, Underground Quality, The Corner, Plan B Recordings, Blkmarket headliners, and many others. On the strength of these accomplishments, Taimur devoted himself full-time to his own DJ career, the BlkMarket Membership label and events, and to The Selectors, his new event series. With ten years of history and accolades for helping to revive one of the world’s most important dance music scenes, Taimur and Blk|Market Membership hold an esteemed position as architects of New York’s contemporary scene as well as guiding lights for its future.
::Out Now::Taimur & David Berrie’s Remix of HUD on DJ Onionz legendary label Electrik Soul Recordings comes alongside a remix with Underground Resistance’s Mike Clark. Membership Recordings::Out Now:BLK-001 Sergio Dimoff - Black Cell EP // BLK-002 Todd Sines - Envelop EP
::Forthcoming releases::Blkmarket Soundsystem // Scumdolly (Craig Richards) // Reade Truth // Convextion

Though thousands of DJs are discouraged from pursuing careers in becoming a Disc Jockey due to its volatility and instability, a small handful with relentless dedication, undying passion, and seemingly limitless creativity somehow always seem to break through, making a lasting impact on the electronic dance music marketplace. Simon Heyliger is one of these young individuals. And this is his story.
Straight out of Brooklyn, New York, Simon Heyliger is walking in the footsteps of some of the most recognized DJ’s out today; who have all had an impact on his style. He was partying at Club Exit, A New York City Super Club in the late 90’s, watching 3,000 people dancing and having the time of their lives when Simon realized his dream of touring the world and becoming an internationally known Disc Jockey. He wanted to be the one to provide the therapeutic enjoyment to the masses through dance music. And with that in mind, DJ Simon Heyliger was born. His unique style of spinning consists of electronic music genres such as House and Techno. He is constantly inspired by legendary New York City disc jockey, Danny Tenaglia.
Simon has spun at Output, Good Room, Pacha NYC, Cielo, District 36, Webster Hall, and Sullivan Room just to name a few. He has been hand selected to DJ at the Winter Music Conference in Miami & has been asked to play at Sunday School presented by Made Event for 2 years in a row. Some world renowned DJ’s/Producers he’s played along with are The Martinez Brothers, Argy, Willie Graff, Carl Craig, Audiofly, Martinez and many more.
Simon has plans to stay focused on creating his own productions. This Brooklyn breakout star is definitely one to keep your eye on. He is already garnering local following and soon music lovers worldwide will be introduced to this class act.

Free Before 11pm / $10 After w/ a complimentary drink