Frequencies are all around us, the invisible waves that transmit sound, light and energy. Frequencies heal - and can also disrupt. Frequencies are how we communicate. On Saturday April 1st, New York's Sleepy & Boo continue their Frequencies event series at TBA Brooklyn. Over the last few months, Frequencies has become a regular gathering at TBA, where we explore the power of sound's hidden waves to uplift, energize and heal. Recently, Sleepy & Boo have been creating music based around a 432Hz tuning scale, which is said to be the natural scale of the universe - in contrast to the 440Hz tuning currently used as the worldwide reference. The concept that musical frequencies can benefit the world - instead of creating stress and disharmony - is the philosophical foundation for this night. Sleepy & Boo will be playing the headlining set at TBA for Frequencies, along with their special guests on the night Nico Kass, who will be closing out the night. Warming things up will be the Frequencies debut of the new NYC-based duo Sit & Kick.

with music by
Sleepy & Boo

Nico Kass

Sit & Kick
aka Weston + Daivik

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Free Before Midnight
$10 After w/ a complimentary Well Drink

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