It's time to Stand Up and Fight Back. 

Stand Up, Fight Back is a one of a kind event that combines stand up comedy, activism, fashion and music into one night. Hosted by Los Angeles based activist / comedian Mike Gamms. 

The night starts out with a one hour activist discussion panel featuring local activists from a diverse range of causes. Discussing how they are involved, and how others can get involved on a local, national, and global level. This will be live streamed and recorded. 

After the panel, is the country's only comedy fashion show, Comedy Runway, where after each stand up comic performs their set, they are critiqued by a panel of local fashion experts for their fashion and their fashion only and we crown the Best Dressed Comic. 

All the proceeds go to the continued activism of those involved. It's time for us all to Stand Up and Fight Back together. 

Activist Panel:
-Bixi Nibe (International Native Tradition Interchange, Water Protector)
- Kamra Sadia Hakim (Girls Inc. of NYC)
- More TBA soon

- Shanna Christmas (Laugh Factory)
- Jake Flores (SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest)
- Julie Mitchell (Flophouse on Vice, Hell Yes Fest)
- Coree Spencer (Cinder Block Comedy Festival)
- More TBA soon

Fashion Judges:
- Nicola Angelos (Founder of ShagBagg)
- Dione Marie Davis (Styling Director of Tibi)
- Jillian Lea Barkley (Magnetic)

Schedule :
Doors at 6pm
Panel 6:30-7:30pm
Comedy Runway 8-9:30pm

Music before and after!

5$ if you come for the panel.
10$ donation after, with all proceeds going to the activists.
presale tickets:

-Bixi Nibe-
Bixi is a water protector. She is the co-founder of the International Native Tradition Interchange (INTI). INTI is an Indigenous Peoples organization established in 1995 and awarded Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2004. INTI works for the advancement of the rights of indigenous peoples and to protect Mother Earth. The organization strives to enhance indigenous capacity and participation based on traditional knowledge and a holistic vision of the world in cooperation with the international community.

-Kamra Sadia Hakim-
Kamra Sadia Hakim (25) is from Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies in 2015. At ASU, she served as a Peer Mentor, Success Coach, and Program Manager. As a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship recipient, she completed her study abroad tour at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the spring of 2014. During her study abroad tour, she was invited to present her research on Regional Conflict and Migration at the annual Intelligence and National Security Alliance conference, which led to an internship project in Northern India where she developed a gender equality program that activated personal development breakthroughs in Indian girls through unique curriculum and pedagogical practices. Hakim’s main academic and professional interests are queer theory and Black American studies. She specializes in pro-black theory and feminist international relations (IR). She has tons of international experience, which led to her being awarded the Graduate Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellow. Through this fellowship, she is pursuing a Master of Science in Global Affairs with a concentration in Gender Studies at New York University. She currently works as a Development Assistant for Girls Inc. of NYC, a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower underserved girls in New York City.

-Jake Flores-
Jake Flores is a comedian who cut (mostly chipped and broke) his teeth doing stand up in Texas before moving to New York city to make it big (barely survive). His act, honed in dark bars and DIY house shows, and music venues that had nothing booked that night, is unique, thoughtful, messy, gritty, good, bad, and ugly. If there are jokes about airplane food, they are jokes about how airplane food is killing us. If there are jokes about how “women be shopping,”
they are jokes about how shopping is killing us. Flores writes heavy material with a point. There are also some puns about Hitler. Jake has performed at Fun Fun Fun Fest, The Fest, SXSW,
and in bars and venues across the country and is the creator and host of Mr Cleo, the fake psychic hotline comedy podcast. He recorded his debut stand up album, Humours, on Stand
Up! Record, which is available on ITunes. Jake is the Author and creator of A Millennial Reviews, the hyper-cultural satirical television column in The New York Observer. He’s also written for Cracked, Vice, and The New York Times.