Wednesday November 22
Momentum - Rite of Wednesdays

Hosted by: The House Cartel, Chris SchoedelJanneth Walles

.: Thanksgiving Eve Momentum PotLuck Dinner - 6 PM :.
On this special day TBA and Momentum would love your presence as we come together to celebrate family and friends with a special Techno dinner. We will be providing some delicious complimentary hot plates for all on a first come first serve basis until supplies run out. We also encourage those who want to bring their favorite dish to share and enjoy with everyone else. Musical sountrack provided by:

Beki Powell (FM Elle)
The House Cartel (Momentum)
Tommy Etzi (Momentum)
K. Alexis (Mexico)
Zack Zannini (Nocturne)


Free admission all night
Doors open 6 pm - 4 am
For more info contact (917)680-9355