The inTRANSIT / 3Bridge Records gang is back at the beloved TBA Brooklyn for another night of fun shenanigans, great friends, and music. This time we'll have the fantastic Sid Vaga, a longtime veteran producer and DJ, and Brooklyn based 3Bridge producer Slav Ka (Slava Malkin) joining the night. And residents Eric Shans and Deep Woods will play some tunes too. Come out for what is sure to be a memorable time.

Sid Vaga (Kling Klong // Deeplomatic // 3Bridge Records)

Sid Vaga took control over the turntables in 1999 and since then never stopped. Based in New York's Lower East Side this French DJ with Caribbean roots, has played in countless night clubs, festivals and after hours from Berlin to Chile.

A House Music lover indeed, he was born in Paris and was lucky enough to overhear influences and cool music as the little brother of a pure funk and jazz-music seeker. Writing down names while going through his big brother's music collection, Sid found himself in the middle of a bunch of fusion-jazz, funk, b-side disco, afro-beat, Brazilian, latin music, rap and hip hop records. Infecting his mind with slapping groovy bass lines, seductive drums and horn sections, he dissected sounds while understanding that silence and even that crispy but charming vinyl crackle can be used as a musical note.

He has shared the stage along Roy Davis JR, YoKOo, Peter Kruder, Funk D’Void, Oscar Barila, Nickodemus, and Timid Boy among other and is pretty busy making and releasing original tracks and remixes on record labels such as Wonderwheel Recordings, Laboratory Records, 3Bridge and Cha-Cha Project Recordings. Sid will continue intoxicating everybody with his flavorful cocktail of energetic sounds with elements carefully placed in certain level of complexity that fulfills souls by merging emotions with the simplistic dancing needs into a satisfying auditive experience.

Slav Ka (3Bridge Records)

Not content with being merely a left brain-er, Slav Ka has searched for a creative outlet of his right brain activity and found it with electronic music production. Self-taught and curious by nature yet anchored by the experience of a life long music aficionado, his sound attempts at walking the line between playful experimentation of a novice and rigid demands for dance orthodoxy of a jaded raver. Slav Ka has an EP on 3Bridge and another release coming before the end of the year with label head Eric Shans - it's the first time ever the two have worked together on music.

Eric Shans (3Bridge Records // Colour & Pitch // Lucidflow // Elastic Beatz)

Deep Woods (3Bridge Records)

Free before 11, 15$ after with a free drink until midnight