Anti Social Tuesdays &Projec+ No 1One% & Present: 
Theirs No Errors In Who You Are
10hr Music Marathon
TBA Brooklyn

w/ Support By
Tony Rohr (Drumcode/H-Productions)
Subfractal (De-Konstrukt/Sleaze Recordings)
Keith John (Rawthenthic/Octopus/Distrikt Music)
Projec+ No 1One% 
Eric Harary (Alchemy)
Mike Techh (Nervous)
Saint Glock (House of Yes)
Jingle (Providence)

Projec+ No 1One: A movement which is aimed to gain attention to removing the ban against individuals who are HIV+ to be able to serve in the military while upholding protection and advocacy from Veterans Rights, Disabled Individuals, Members of the LGBQ+Straight Alliance Community, Transgender Demographics & Victims of Domestic Violence & Child Abuse while avidly delivering presentations through events in nightlife, motivational speeches and global gatherings of diverse, unique individuals.