Thursday, September 29th
Danielle P - Events presents....

FOCUS ///////////
:: the center of interest or activity.
:: to pay particular attention to.

In a loud dark room with music pumping through the speakers... Have you ever stood still for a moment to just focus? To focus on the way the artist reads the crowd as they choose the next song to play. To their skill and technique when they start mixing. To the way the crowd reacts when the beat drops. To the overall energy in the room, coming from the DJ playing the music that makes you move.... 

FOCUS; Pay attention to the music, dance to it, and enjoy the good times with the people around you.

Eric Harary

Jonathan Casali

Antonio Fernandez

T.Ricci and B.Cliff

No cover
Doors open at 6pm.

TBA Brooklyn
395 Wythe Avenue