The idea is simple: A stripped down party put together by likeminded local talent with no fear of risk. Full of style with music from real record digging DJs, Grounded is a party for the music heads & dancers. We love our city, and we'd like for our guests to hear some of the sounds that inspire us. 

Our genesis line up is full of edge. Grounded residents Mike Terra, Gaspara, and St. Xose have proven time and time again to bring quality amongst Tri-State dance floors. We have an extra treat planned as Wilmer Pereira will be taking you through Happy Hour and the Plan B Recordings front woman Dakini9 is joining us as a special guest with her eclectic blend of house & techno. If you've been frequenting our venue, you won't want to miss this

Dakini9 (Plan B Recordings)
Mike Terra (GCR / Intimate Project / Nosi)
Gaspara (Dissonant)
St. Xose (Intimate Project)

Happy Hour: Wilmer Pereira (NYC Techno)

No Cover