Frequencies are all around us, the invisible waves that transmit sound, light and energy. Frequencies can heal - and they can also disrupt. Frequencies are how the world communicates. On Saturday October 1st, the next installment of Frequencies touches down at TBA Brooklyn, a new event series curated by New York's Sleepy & Boo. Recently, the duo have been creating music based around a 432Hz tuning scale, which is said to be the natural scale of the universe - in contrast to the 440Hz tuning currently in use as the worldwide reference. The concept that musical frequencies can benefit the world in a positive way - instead of creating stress and disharmony - is the philosophical foundation for this night. Sleepy & Boo will be playing the headlining set at TBA for Frequencies, along with their guest Alex Cecil. 

Sleepy & Boo


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Free Before Midnight
$10 After w/ a complimentary Well Drink