TBA Industry Night
Opening Night

Blind Colors presents:

Adolpho & Franky (La ruche, Black Disney-Switzerland)

BOSS4 (Lausanne)

Maksim (ReSolute)

10-11 Vodka + Yuengling open bar
No Cover

Adolpho & Franky - Exclusive Mix For Modernity
Cadenza Music

Mini bio:
The crazy talented duo is composed of the Swiss - German, Lausanne based DJ and producer Fabien Gehrig and of Ramon Lorenzo, one of the owners and heads of "La Ruche", one of the best clubs in the french part of Switzerland. Together they decided to join forces and play under the name Adolpho & Franky.

The outcome is a smart, energetic and concrete style that makes people stay firmly on the dance floor. Their twisted and rock'n'roll vibe took them already to the infamous Watergate (Berlin), Bar25, Golden-Gate, Katerholzig, Berghain Kantine, Arena club, Hive (Zürich), Sisyphos, Le Pigallion (Paris), Amnesia (Milano), Sankeys (Ibiza), GIPSY Moscow, Rodnya Moscow, …

Adolpho & Franky are known to entertain their guests. Everything they do is part of the show! Or as they want you to believe. Nobody knows the truth.