Vinyl Please. @ TBA Brooklyn September 27th, 2016

Simone Gatto (OUT-ER / Sheik'n'Beik)

KO. b2b Emma (Vinyl Please.)

No Cover

About the party:

- A new TBA monthly showcasing the vinyl culture. Praising the verteran artists & labels; while highlighting the new now & to come. Each month comprises of carfully selected guests who have still never fully parted with the original art form. All vinyl, all night long brought to you by residents Kevin Osha & Emma Diaz. The image being; to host nyc's favorite artists & crews allowing them to share their record collection from over the years. This being in a fun, non judgemental & open minded way. This party is for the underground music enthusiast.... expect everything from techno classics to futuristic disco and everything in between.

Past events:

- March 3rd w/ Michel Harruch & Dominguez (Mnmlktchn)
- April 28th w/ Burchan
- May 26th w/ Dennis Rodgers (112 Crew, Robots)
- June 23rd w/ Claire (Archipel, Monoclap- MTL)
- July 28th w/ Elon (Kolekti, Resolute Label)
- Aug 25th w/ Velasco & Chavez (Nil)
- Sept 22nd w/ O.BEE (Resolute)