On Monday October 17 collectives will join forces for a cause! For 10 hours we will host some of our favorite local talents in order to raise awareness and relief for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Proceeds of the event will be donated to help the recovery process in Haiti. It's so important we don't loose sight of how powerful music is, it's time to come together and dance for relief! 

Andrew Vogt
CGC Soundsystemundsystem (Boiler Roof)
Chris Sanabria (DKDS)
David Paglia (Soul Clap Records)
Dominguez & Michel Harruch (Mnmlktchn)
Jessie & Emre (Thesis)
Jules Tregot (Divingstation.fm) & Gabor (Mesma)
K.O. & Emma (Vinyl Please)
Orazio Rispo & O.BEE (ReSolute)
Renzo Ram (Ribbon Recording)
Zeni Karpuzi (Keep It Movin) & Manuel Napolen (Secret Guests)