Momentum-RoW w/ Fyngerprints / Capo / Paula Velez / KRSN

Momentum-RoW w/ Fyngerprints / Capo / Paula Velez / KRSN

Wednesday, June 20th
Momentum - Rite of Wednesdays

Hosted by: The House Cartel, Chris Schoedel, Janneth Walles

Fyngerprints (aka Cristian Arango)
Capo (The House Cartel / Momentum / Rotary Cocktail)
Paula Velez (Bullet / Colombia)
KRSN (HouseGrooves / Russia)


Free admission all night
Doors open 6 pm - 4 am
Drink Specials 6-9pm
For more info contact (917)680-9355

RA+RE THURSDAYs - 4 Year Anniversary Edition

RA+RE THURSDAYs - 4 Year Anniversary Edition


Join us the 3rd Thursday of every month and become a Dance Machine! We will have local artists playing as well as special guests and each event will bring you great music, fun times and some special RA+RE things, so be ready and don’t miss these ! 

For our third edition on June 21st we've invited the talented Morgan Hyslop. Originally from Australia, and now Bucharest based, she's known for her releases on Sunday Money and Budare, as well as collaborations on No.19 MusicDesolat Music Group and Cuttin' Headz

Mayssam b2b Mari.te

During the night we will have our Sven and Richie sweaters available for purchase and more surprises to come!

About the Label
RA+RE Records describes perfectly what it represents: rare, underground, unique and meaningful music. RA+RE Records is an exclusively female producers record label. It aims to gather talented feminine artist that will spread their sound and sensibility all over the world.

About the Clothing
RA+RE at the same time is a clothing label founded with a vision to bridge the gap between sound and apparel, making a collection you want to move to for all those dancers and music lovers.


InTRANSIT w/ Connie & Nora Nostrand / Eric Shans / Deep Woods

InTRANSIT w/ Connie & Nora Nostrand / Eric Shans / Deep Woods

On June 23rd we gather for the summer edition of inTRANSIT at TBA Brooklyn. It's a very special one, as this time around we're celebrating the 3Bridge co-captain Eric Shans' birthday, as well as an album release for NYC favorite and Resolute resident Connie Yin along with vocalist Nora Nostrand. Their new EP "One Heart" on 3Bridge Records, is available for your listening pleasure on June 22! For this occasion, they'll be doing a combined DJ and live set. Residents Deep Woods and Eric Shans as well as newcomer to inTRANSIT, Lea, round out the night.

Connie Yin aka Constar (Resolute) & vocalist Nora Nostrand

Connie, aka Constar, is a native New Yorker who has one too many hands in the musical cookie jar. A resident DJ for ReSolute NYC with international gigs spanning from Brazil to Dubai; a drummer for new wave/dark wave band Jilted Lover; producer with tracks on vinyl and Beatport; and recently, songwriter/lyricist for various projects. Her newest creation is a 3 song EP called "One Heart" with vocalist Nora Nostrand is out on 3Bridge Records June 22.

Lea (Open Bar Music/Exemplary Music Makerz)

Originally from Vancouver, Canada,Lea (Leanna Yip) is a Brooklyn-based DJ, house music producer, soul gospel vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist.

Trained in classical and soul gospel music, Lea’s productions span NY style, underground, deep, soulful, and afro house. Her recent releases such as “Joburg” (a collaboration with Oscar P on Open Bar Music) and deep house remix of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World” (released on Exemplary Music Makerz), are frequently played by top DJs on the international dance music scene.

And your residents : 

Eric Shans (3Bridge Records/Colour&Pitch)

Deep Woods (3Bridge Records)

Free before 11, 15$ after with a complimentary drink til midnight.

Lifted w/ Daniel Cowel (ZERO)

Lifted w/ Daniel Cowel (ZERO)

Every Sunday from from 2pm - 12am we will gather together to go on a journey higher.

This Week:

Daniel Cowel (ZERO)

Lets raise our consciousness higher, explore a musical journey as a community and feel lifted this Sunday. 

Lifted Music, Lifted Vibes, Healthy Drink Options and most of all a community that adores the same thing. 

Lets get Lifted this Sunday together & let our spirits soar. 

This is a party for everyone, a safe space, a respectful place, a family away from home.

Free before 6pm / $10 After

Cheers Bklyn w/ Gaspara / Rustyfarian / K1W1

Cheers Bklyn w/ Gaspara / Rustyfarian / K1W1



Where a group of locals meet to drink, relax, and listen to great music.

Over the last 5 years, many of us have made TBA one of our local meeting spots. With all the amazing people in our community we’ve come together on a global level to socialize and celebrate life and music.

This event encourages the collective culture we have built here in Brooklyn. Come to see some of the best new and old djs:)


No Cover

Sympathy for the Disco - Brooklyn

Sympathy for the Disco - Brooklyn

Sympathy for the Disco
From the founders of Fleetmac Wood
Saturday 06/30/18 11pm - late
Advance tickets:

Remixes and edits of the Stones, peppered with tracks from a few like-minded cats. With DJs Roxanne Roll and Mister Sushi (DJ)

Calling Midnight Ramblers to the club for a night of tumbling remixes and edits of The Rolling Stones and like-minded cats. Not to mention some solid hat-tipping to the blues originators of modern music as we know it, all distorted through a disco guitar pedal.

This is the joint where analogue weaves with electronic music in a cheeky tangle. The originals will always be perfection, without a doubt, but where’s the challenge in playing the greatest hits? We’re just jamming in the disco and bringing these sounds back to where they belong. A darker place where you can feel a little high, loose and dance your way to some much-needed emotional rescue.

Gimme a night of rolling remixes
Gimme riffs and bass.
Gimme beats and a dance floor
and I’ll give you a 12 bar rave.
Licks, tricks n’ struttin’ round.
As Keith says: it’s music for the neck down.

We suggest:
Swagger like Mick,
Pack a little Keith magic in your pocket,
Bring your Ronnie sense of humour,
Turn up on time like Bill,
Don’t over-do it like Brian (RIP),
And always be a gentleman like Charlie.
Rock out but don’t forget the roll.
Keep the band together.

Durable stage wear with double-stitched crotch seams, Carnaby Flower, Savile Row renegade, Fedoras and Guy-liner, Studio 54 realness, glitter pirate, scarves for days…



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